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About FWA Scale Models


     Greetings, and thank you for visiting Frank Whittock and Associates Architectural Scale Models.

     Since our establishment in 1964 Frank Whittock & associates (FWA) has been the leading architectural model maker in the Philadelphia region and beyond.  We have worked with many of the areas prominent architectural firms, institutions and developers as well as constructing architectural models for national and international projects, reaching clients throughout the United States, Europe, South America and the Middle East.

     Providing high quality scale models, both timely and sensitive to each client's needs, FWA takes pride in its highly skilled staff and years of experience, offering our clients the best model building service available. From hand-cut cardboards to present day laser cutting, CAD and

3D printing technology, FWA stays on top of technological advancements in the industry to give our clients the most sought after services and widest range of possibilities for each project.  Our scale models are permanent works of art,  built to last and can be updated as future development becomes realty.



Architectural Scale model image

Our Specialties


Presentation and Museum quality models

Sales Office Models

Architectural Interior models

Land Planning and Site models

Trade show models

Resin 3D Printed models

Wood and basswood models

Private Residence models

Study and wall section models

Marketing Models

Fundraising Models



Architectural Model

Architectural Scale model image

President Zig Raguza

Architectural Scale Model Image

Vice President  Ralph  White

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