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Custom Products and Services



Shipping Crates 

We can provide custom foam-lined, ultra durable and reuseable plywood shipping crates so your model can be safely shipped to a trade show or a destination anywhere in the world.

Custom Stands and Plexiglas Covers


We can provide custom model stands with a variety of plexiglas cover types.  We can also provide a plexiglas cover for an  existing model you already own. 

Suitecase Models

We can provide portible suitecase models that can travel with you on an airplane or to fundraising events anywhere in the country.

Model Maintenance and Repair

We maintain our own models as well as repair models created by other model shops.  Whether your model was made by us or not, we have the skill and expertise  to match existing colors,  textures, parts and landscaping to make your model look as good as new. 

Model Transportation


There may be times when your model may need to be moved from one location to another.  If your model is large, it may be more convenient to have us handle it for you, plus your model is fully insured during its transport.

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